Did you just get yourself a new Nintendo Switch?

I’ll share with you a list of some of the best games that you can play on your Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Console

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, this means that it can be used as a home console or a portable one depending on your choice.

Nintendo Switch

The gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch is completely different to what you are used to with other consoles and that is what makes it special.

There are a lot of people in the world who consider themselves to be gamers, which is why it is important to have a website that gives these people the information that they need and want. I myself play a lot of games, and I find that this website is the perfect place to put my reviews on so that others may read it.

New on The Market!

Black For Wife - The Series

Black For Wife – The Series

Black For Wife – this is something you truly can’t find on any Nintendo system. I might sound biased but browsing internet on Switch is long overdue. So what’s the deal with this series. Surely, Black For Wife isn’t a game. But it works with our fantasies. Part of Adult Time (kind like Netflix for adults) this series features white wives, lonely and bored, who finally take matters into their hands and bring their sexual fantasies live. Guess what black in the title stands for…

All episodes available already here.

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Nintendo has remained an important part of the gaming world, it is one of the oldest companies in the world and has no signs of slowing down. The company is known for a lot of different consoles, but more than that they are known for the games that they develop. A lot of the games…

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The Nintendo Switch is unlike any traditional console that you have ever seen. This is because this console is a hybrid machine, it can be either used in the docked mode or in handheld mode. One of the main selling points of the Nintendo Switch is that it allows the user to play their favorite…

Streaming Series - After Gaming

BBCPie.org Logo

BBCPie stand for Big Black Cock Creampies and it’s all about that in BBCPie. The series that debuted in 2020 is taking the genre by storm and we are here to promote it. It’s adults only and it offers 4K HD footage of hung black guys doing it right to the end with white girls!

Available at bbcpie.org


JoyMii is European series dedicated to sensual and romantic love stories. Watch couples discover their inner cravings as they explore their sexualities. Real-life like scenarios in the highest quality and presence.

Available at joymiix.com

FamilySwap XXX

FamilySwap XXX is finally here! I’m pretty sure that most of you folks have no idea what’s the fuzz all about, but let me explain. Nubiles, the crew behind the project, came up with an amazing idea of exploring the phenomenon of swapping family members. 4 families get together in order to procreate, have fun and maybe start a 5th one. Sounds crazy, huh?

Available at swap.family

Lets Post It

Lets Post It is the living proof that Mofos kind of fun is far away from being finished. Watch American teen couples enjoying some public freeuse freedom fun. Being in middle of other people doesn’t stop them from engaging into some kinky scenarios. And spectators are nothing to be scared of!

Available at impostingit.com


Transfixed – your only place when it comes to seeing 4K quality transgender fun. This exclusive Adult Time brand brings you the hottest transexuals in their natural habitat. Watch them get deep inside minds of both men and women who are ready to explore their inner desires.

Available at transfixed.tube

Haze Her

Haze Her is user submitted database of hazing rituals done on girls by girls. In all kind of various American dorms these things are happening every single year. Newbies are taken on trials to show their worth. Find out if they succeed.

Available at hazeforher.com

Disruptive Films - XXX SeriesDisruptive Films and extreme taboo fantasies. What one does have to another? Everything, because if you are looking for gay taboo real-life situations taking kinky turn, you can’t go anywhere else. Besides obvious high-end quality you will find here only the best actors and socially unacceptable fantasies. The ones that we all love.

Available at gaydisruption.com

Bang Bus

Bang Bus is old as internet adult’s entertainment is. What started as a fun project back in 1999 became a full-time gig for those lucky guys. Watch them cruise Miami streets and bang countless amounts of willing girls.

Available at bangsbangs.com

TransAngels Series

TransAngels is all about love we all have for transgender models and content they create. But this series is really on top of things as you are about to see your favorite faces in some seriously hot and engaging situations.

Available at angeltransex.com


Jockpussy presents the very best selection of FTM transition content on the web. Watch female to male transitioned transboys exploring their masculinity with alpha male partners ready to give them ropes.

Available at jockpussy.tube

Nintendo has remained an important part of the gaming world.

The console is extremely versatile, you can play it in a handheld mode or just detach the controllers from the screen and hook it up to the dock to have a better gaming experience.